Wolvenroedel – Five Line Label
A collaboration to hunt for freedom

Be part of
the pack

We are proud to introduce our collaboration with Wolvenroedel; the pack that knows how to throw a good party!

Wolves and humans have much in common; both share a wild spirit and are able to sense the unseen. They are loyal creatures, always protective of their packs and they hunt for freedom. Dance with the sense of freedom and connect with a pack of like-minded people, that’s what the events of Wolvenroedel are all about.

We joined forces to develop a limited edition Graphic Wolf Tee. The line art design from @one_line_draws_by_floor represents the unique flow of your senses. We can't wait to see you dance in our Five Line Label tee at one of the events of Wolvenroedel. Join the pack!


100% organic cotton tees.
Sustainable made in Portugal.
High Quality print.